Who Was King David? 

Born as the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem – King David became the second King of Israel. Throughout scripture he is portrayed as the most revered Israelite rule in history. He is credited with uniting all the tribes of Israel under one single empire. Looking past the Christian faith – King David is a key person in Judaism as well as in Islam. He died at the age of 70 and is buried in Jerusalem

King David, was originally an aide at the court of Saul – who became jealous and even plotted to kill David. As time went on the prophet Samuel, anointed David to become King in place of Soul. David became king at the age of 30. 

Over the course of David’s life we see a man who:

  1. Conquered Jerusalem, ultimately leading to it becoming the Capitol of Israel. 
  2. Brought the Arm of the Covenant to Jerusalem.
  3. A promise from God to David, that his throne will last forever.
  4. His defeat of the Philistines.
  5. His defeat of Goliath.
  6. His defeat of Moab, Ammon, and Syria.
  7. Wrote and collected many Psalms,
  8. Received divine instruction to build an altar at Mt. Moriah.
  9. A man who was called, “A man after God’s own heart”. 
  10. David anointed his son, Solomon, King of Israel.

Even though David’s life was full of triumph, he was not without sin. Over his lifetime he: committed adultery, arranged the death of Bathsheba’s husband, he failed to discipline his sons, he ignored Jacob’s advice and took a notional census – that led to a deadly plague. Though the actions of David that we see here in scripture have resulted in the challenges we see today in Israel, the fact remains that Davis was a man o God’s own heart. Through it all Davis all ways came back to the Lord. 

David Was A Desired Leader

David has been described as the greatest leader the world has ever known. Much of that is contributed to his humility. In, 2 Chronicles 7:14, one of the things that we are told is to “humble ourselves and pray”. Great leaders are humble, it is seen throughout history. Humility is trusting in God and not in man, it is becoming nothing before God and handing it all over to Him. However, without humility, is pride. Praise is looking at what man has done and taking the credit away from God. However, there are other characteristics we need to seek in a leader of a nation. Desired leaders are those who will seek the will of God, value human life – even of the unborn, leaders who support Israel, leaders who will support Biblical Marriage and leaders who will preserve the freedom of religion and Christian – amply values. However, we also seek out leaders that are charismatic, wealthy, military background, political experience. However, many times God’s standard is not our own. 

The qualities that impress us in a leader, does not always impress God. People like, General Patton, Lincoln, Washington – they all have impressive resumes, to most they were highly desired and respected leaders. However, names like: Jonathan Edwards, who preached a sermon entitled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, helped bring forth “The Great Awakening”. Other great leaders that God used were the Wesley Brothers, Thomas Aquinas, or Martin Luther, who on October 31, 1517 -nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. What did all of these have in common? They were dedicated fully to the call of God and to His Devine purpose. 

The Appearance of a Leader [King]

Therefore God’s call of David should not make us think that God does not care about an impressive resume, when it comes to serving him. However, it should point us to a realization that God will equip those that he calls. This is seen throughout scripture! In scripture, Samuel though that David’s older brother would be King. This was because he had the appearance of a King – In many ways he resembled Saul. However, in 1 Samuel 16: 7, we see “Do not consider the appearance or the height…the Lord looks at the Heart”. 

You see in today’s culture we look at people on the outside – based on their appearance, social status, who they associate with or even their age. However, God can see the one thing that we as humans can not see and that is the heart of a person. God does not care about the outside of a person, but God does care about ones heart. 

I think of a man by the name of Peter Muhlenburg, a Lutheran Pastor. On the morning of January 21, 1776, he preached a message on: “To everything there is a season”. That morning, he took off his clerical robe and revealed the uniform of a colonel in the Continental Army. 300 of his members stepped out of that church and fallowed him; to join General George Washington. God used them to defeat the British and bring liberty and freedom to the United States. Their battle cry was: “No king, but King Jesus”. This is a prime example of a man with no military experience, that became a military leader, later the VP of Pennsylvania, a member of the US House and then a United States Senator. God will equip those that he has called.

Look at David, he was the youngest of all his brothers and he was a shepherd. David was a faithful shepherd. It does not matter what you do, maybe you are a social work, the President of the United States or a funeral director it is how you do your job that matters. For David, being a shepherd prepared him for his role as King. A leader is to care for the people under them. Psalms 23, is a great example of this. In that passage we see, “he makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside steal waters”. This is used because a shepherd knows that ship can best eat and rest in green fields. The shepherd leads the sheep beside still waters, because he knows that in rough waters the sheep would fall in and drown. A shepherd knows the needs of of what is under his watch. So does Jesus! Jesus does not call the equipped, he equips the called.

Our Individual Worth

In closing, I want to make a statement. I really do believe that an overwhelming majority of the church in America does not possess an understanding of their worth before God, as it relates to the work of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout scripture God has used unlikely people, people who questioned why them. However, the reason is simple, because God wanted to use them for a specific time and reason. As believers, where are we? Have we been called to do something and said no, because we do not feel like we are the right candidate? Maybe because of how we see ourselves we have turned down opportunities to serve God, to serve the church and to minister to the lost. The reality of it is God chooses – broken and imperfect people, when they choose forgiveness. That os exactly what we see in ing David. A broken man, who loved God.