Today, marks the 244th year of our Independence. A day that we celebrate and cherish the freedoms that we all enjoy. However, our “One Nation Under God” is in trouble and is threatened by evil. The United States of America, is on a collision course with judgement – if she does not repent. 

2 Chronicles 7:14, says that: “If My people, who are called by My name humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land”. 

Today, America is in bad shape. Christian values come under attack daily, our freedoms are attacked daily and America has turned her back on God. It appears, many people turn to political leaders for help and answers. In fact, it was announced this week that the University of Pennsylvania, would be removing a statue of George Whitefield. The reasoning is because, he did not align with the universities core values. Whitefield played a major role in the First Great awakening. The answer will not be found in the Republican Party nor will it be found in the Democratic Party. In fact we dare not associate faith with a single party. We must be able to tell both parties to repent and turn to Christ. The only solution to our problems can be found in Christ alone.

While our Nation may be faced with trails there is hope. However, we must become humble, we must become prayerful servants, we must seek God and we must turn our back to the forces of evil. For corporate revival to come, you must first have a personal revival. We as Christians must fall to our knees in prayer, seeking the help and guidance from God. 

Once we have turned to God then he can forgive our sin and heal our land. It will not happen because of a fancy choir in church, or because your give generously. The church may know you, but that does not mean God knows you. The only way God is going to move is when, we as believers in Christ will come together – seeking the face of God, humbling our selves before Hum and pray. Then will we hear from heaven and He will heal our land. 

I think of a revival at Asbury College in 1970.  At Hughes Auditorium on the Asbury College Campus in Wilmore, Kentucky – what was only going to be a 50 minute chapel service became a non-stop revival for 185 hours. The plan was for the Academic Dean to speak, but he was led to give his testimony. When he concluded he opened the floor up to the students to share their testimony. Student after student rose to speak and began confessing their sins. When an alter call was given, hundreds flocked to the alter – with many making an alter at their seat. They began to sing and rejoice! The bell rang to return to class but revival had come to Asbury College. The dean cancelled class as this revival continued for 185 hours. The revival spread across the country and it is even being felt today. As people who were saved at that revival, bring others to Jesus. 

Revival will not come unless we get right with God and pray expectantly. 

Dive in! Start your journey today.

When we study scripture, we are actively worshiping The Lord. Will you join me, as we open up the Bible and study The Good Book, that we have been given.