Often the events people face in their day to day life – leave a feeling of mental and physical exhaustion. Panic, fear, confusion and uncertainty are a few emotions that each individual faces. Pandemics, diseases, needless war, illegal immigration, inflation, illegal drugs, crime, the attacks on Christian and family values, weak national leaders, personal finances and death; are just some of the concerns that are causing so much anxiety in our world. It is easy to question if there is really any hope.
Imagine with me if you will, that it is the afternoon of April 3, AD 33 and you have just watched Jesus die for a crime he did not commit. The fact is, many of the trials that America faces today, were also faced on that day.

  1. Pilate was a weak leader.
  2. There was sadness – they thought Jesus was dead.
  3. There was fear – the earth quaked beneath them.
  4. There was confusion – Jesus was not in the tomb.
  5. There was panic – they thought the body of Jesus was stolen.
  6. There was uncertainty – they really did not know where Jesus was.

Emotions were all over the place over the events that had taken place over such a short time. However, these emotions turned into worship when they experienced the resurrected Lord. Today, we have that same opportunity. No matter, what challenges we face, what emotions we experience – there is a resurrected Lord worthy of all our worship. Our hope is in Jesus alone. Jesus is alive and still on the throne. As we go through the day, let us remember that there is a man named Jesus, who went to the grave for our sins…for the sins of the world. However, that grave could not hold him – HE IS RISEN!

Dive in! Start your journey today.

When we study scripture, we are actively worshiping The Lord. Will you join me, as we open up the Bible and study The Good Book, that we have been given.